We design and implement new and existing networks. We also service a wide array of computer equipment. Our experienced technicians have the background necessary to service most obsolete or discontinued model as well.


The technicians at 1st Net inc. use the latest in intrusion and virus detection tools to rid your system of code that could cost you all of your personal or business information. Our engineers keep up with the latest news on virus types and can often clean up a system before any dammage has been done.


Our design process is anchored in user research to uncover actionable insights into user behavior.

By understanding user behavior, we are able to design websites that work the way users expect them to work.



The objective at 1st Net, Inc. is to always give you, the customer, a positive experience when it involves the installation, upgrade, or repair of any part of your information technology infastructure.

We will work to do our job with the same care that you give to your customers.




Corporate News

>>> Check your computer for Virus intrusions.

Norton Antivirus Checkup for Your Company Computers

>>> PestPatrol provides a comprehensive solution to the threat that trojan horses, key loggers, and spyware pose to your business

Check Your Computer for All Types of Pests


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2301 Cline Ave.             Suite 103            Schererville, In. 46375



Fax 312-284-5894





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